Adam French

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA


I was born in Kentucky, grew up in Florida, went to college in New York, and now find myself settled in Massachusetts, where all seasons are gorgeous, and the traffic is terrible.

At a young age, I was drawn to art of all kinds, but I loved to draw. I had early plans to become an Illustrator of children's books. Illustration lead to animation, which lead to photography and film. There is a magic to composing motion in the shot, and giving a certain push and pull to best tell the story. I like to listen and question as much as I like to create and play.


My wife and I have criss-crossed the country in car, and on motorcycle, for work and for art, certainly, but also in pursuit of spaces. The icy wash of a lava tube in Idaho, the vast expanse of sand dunes in Colorado, the soft, steely gaze of moose in Ontario. 35mm and medium format photographs can capture the rush of wind across the plains of Montana, just as well as they can embrace the storefronts in a town of just 200. I prefer to leave video at home for those trips, embracing the stillness.

When home, I work at things. Work-work. And, I truly love what I do. Outside of work, I like to build – some small things and some big things. At the moment, a 1980 Yamaha XS1100 is on its way to a restyling as a Cafe Racer motorcycle.

Finally, I have two cats, Zooey and Penny, who would be furious if I left them out of important documentation such as short biographies on websites. You know how cats are.

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